Meager attendance an issue for fall athletic teams

Fall sports are having a difficult time attracting people to their games and matches.

The leader in attendance of all fall sports is football, which averaged fewer than 2,600 attendees per home game last year.

Football is the only fall sport that averaged in the thousands.

Last year, volleyball averaged 382 attendees, men’s soccer had 388 fans show up and women’s soccer didn’t even average above 300.

These numbers seem even smaller compared with men’s basketball, which averaged more than 6,100 per home game.

Vice President for Student Affairs Levester Johnson said that different departments are working together to try to help the fall sports teams.

“I think we are going to be stepping things up as far as trying to get students out and attending these events,” Johnson said.

Women’s soccer coach Tari St. John said that there is room to grow when it comes to attendance.

“It can still be exciting even if you are not a soccer person,” St. John said. “We had 10 to 15 football guys here (at the match against Indiana State), and they had such an impact on the atmosphere of the game, and the kids really fed off that.”

The Butler Bowl seats approximately 5,600 people.

This means that even football did not reach half capacity on average last season.

Despite the low attendance, Johnson said there was good turnout at the women’s soccer game against Louisville on Aug. 17. Attendance was reported at 412 people.

“Once we work with students and give them this sense of knowing that these are their classmates, people sitting right next to them in class, they’re going to come out,” Johnson said.


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