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Reclassification concerns voiced at staff assembly meeting

Marais Jacon-Duffy | Editor-in-Chief Butler staff members discussed dissatisfaction with recent reclassification of their jobs at today’s staff assembly meeting. Reclassification requires staff members’ jobs to be reevaluated and potentially changed from salary to hourly pay or a change in overtime exemption. Additionally, all hourly paid employees are now paid bi-weekly rather than monthly. Staff grievances

Former Butler student captured by ISIS

Former Butler student Peter Kassig, 26, has been identified as a captive in a video released by Islamic extremist organization ISIS. A video of British aid worker Alan Henning’s beheading was released earlier today by ISIS. The video also shows Kassig, whose life was threatened at the end of the video. Kassig attended Butler in

Danko’s State of The University addressed Big East, construction, sexual assault, among others

By: Marais Jacon-Duffy Editor-in-Chief University President James Danko highlighted progress made and progress yet to be made in his State of the University address this morning. He discussed issues such as sexual assault, Butler’s move to the Big East, new facilities and construction on campus, changes in administrative positions and also addressed an article published in