Raw sewage causes Lilly shutdown

Administrators closed Lilly Hall on Monday night after more than four inches of raw sewage flooded the building’s basement, which administrators said created a potential biohazard.

By Tuesday morning, regularly scheduled classes went on as usual, although bathrooms and running water were unavailable.

The reason for the foul problem was that the sewage ejection pump system failed, said Gerald Carlson, director of maintenance services.

Students who were in the building’s practice rooms were evacuated after Ben Hunter, Butler University’s chief of staff and executive director of public safety, made the call that the building wasn’t safe to be in.

Sophomore Kelsey Nylin said she was supposed to work on a theater project with a friend in Lilly Monday night, but they had to move to Jordan Hall to practice because of the sewage.

Nylin said she could smell the sewage on Monday, but by the time classes resumed on Tuesday, she didn’t smell anything unusual.

A crew worked on Monday night to clean up the sewage. The incident caused damage that was limited to some damage to filters and supplies that were on the building’s mechanical room floor.

After the building was evacuated Monday night, the community reacted online.

The new Butler University memes page was updated twice about the Lilly sewage incident.

Junior Brian Skinner posted an image of an angry stick figure with the text “DAWG ALERT: Y U NO Alert?” and a caption that reads, “For all those that tried to get in Lilly tonight…”

Another meme, posted by senior Karl Watson, is a screen shot from the movie “Bridesmaids” that said, “What did Lilly Hall eat?”

Seventeen Facebook users “liked” the meme.

Sophomore Maggie Carey tweeted about the sewage leak.

“The Lilly Hall poo fiasco,” she tweeted from her handle @MaggieCareyyy. “#pleasecancelclass.”

Butler junior Justin Rustle posted a Facebook status about attending classes on Tuesday.

“So apparently Lilly Hall will be open tomorrow, we just won’t be able to use the bathrooms or the water… boycott of classes in Lilly tomorrow?” he posted.

A new system will be installed when parts are located, Carlson said.


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