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Campuswide corner of the sky: Butler Theatre to perform “Pippin”

Campuswide corner of the sky: Butler Theatre to perform “Pippin”

Feb. 24 through Feb. 27, the musical “Pippin” will be performed in Shelton Auditorium. This is the department’s first Mainstage production that opened auditions to all majors.

Learning to be human

Through movement and placement, Butler’s theater department and its chair William Fisher create a performance rife with deception, class tension and mistrust.  William Fisher absentmindedly flicks his dark-rimmed glasses behind his desk. “I don’t think theater is plays,’” he says. “Theater exists, and plays are a part of theater.” Since becoming the chair of Butler’s

Student theater piece shows wit, talent

The student-produced play “Pieces,” which ran Friday and Saturday, was yet another fine work courtesy of Butler University’s theater department. The short work, written and directed by fifth-year theater major Lauren Thorne, follows a young woman fighting the pain of a debilitating disability in the hospital while her mind tries to escape its harsh reality.