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Elizabeth Mix to direct Art and Design program

WRITTEN BY MARIA LEICHTY, STAFF REPORTER Elizabeth Mix has been named director of the Art and Design program after helping build it from the bottom up. The art program today has changed vastly from  what it was a decade ago. It started as a visual arts minor in the Media Arts program, which used to

L.A. composer returns to Butler

==THIS STORY UPDATED OCT 24, 2012. The Wednesday BSO/Chorale rehearsal is now closed, due to miscommunication between JCA faculty and Clowes Memorial Hall== When one thinks of the life of a Hollywood film composer—a life full of long hours, cut-throat competition and almost constant rejection—it is hard to imagine a composer who is not jaded

JCA celebrates Debussy

The name may not sound familiar, but the sounds, tones and rhythms of Claude Debussy’s work certainly will be. The French composer’s work has had a lasting impact on music of all genres. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Debussy’s birth, the Jordan College of the Arts is hosting the Debussy Celebration, which will consist

Eleventh hour negotiations fail

Between contract negotiations, musicians are locked out and the ISO is at a stand-still. Downtown’s Hilbert Circle Theatre will be remarkably quiet this weekend and next. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra has cancelled its first two weeks of performances due to a failure to reach a new contract agreement between ISO management and the musicians’ union