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Should fraternities that were kicked from campus be inviting alumni back?

After leaving campus for a couple years and then making a triumphant return, the question remains whether or not Lambda – and other Greek organizations that have done the same – should be able to bring back alumni, especially those that may have had a hand in what transpired before they left.

Butler University to provide COVID-19 vaccine to students on campus

In collaboration with the Indiana Department of Health, Butler has been selected to host a two-dose vaccine distribution site on campus for Indiana and out-of-state students, as well as international students. The Pfizer vaccine will be distributed to students between April 7–9 and May 4–6.

Butler Residence Life staff works towards creating community for students in a pandemic

Both residential assistants and faculty in residences continue to try to create a community of care in their residence halls — even with the difficulties that come from COVID-19 restrictions and a lack of breaks from academics. Many RAs and FIRs are thinking outside of the box when it comes to programming.