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Astrology with Aidan: March horoscopes

Astrology with Aidan: March horoscopes

“At this point, I’m so sleep-deprived and delirious that I don’t know if the stars are speaking to me or if I’m just hallucinating. With that being said, this month’s horoscopes will be just as credible as always — which is to say, not at all.”

“Turning Red:” Red-dy for representation

“Turning Red”’s Mei and her adventure caused a stir since its release. Photo courtesy of Disney-Pixar. OWEN MADRIGAL | STAFF REPORTER | omadriga@butler.edu Pixar’s latest film “Turning Red” unleashed onto the world on March 11, 2022 with — just like a teenage girl transforming into a red panda — layers of impact. The animated feature