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Tales, Teaching, and Triplets

Tales, Teaching, and Triplets

SARAH COFFING | CULTURE EDITOR Jenny DiVincenzo sits on the second floor of Jordan Hall, busily typing away at her laptop. She is working on a 10-page paper discussing the theme of marriage in Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales.” The stories are all written in Middle English, which she says makes the assignment more difficult.

The chamber of secrets

ALEX TARNOWSKI | STAFF REPORTER The Butler University Chamber Singers highlighted different styles of vocal music as a part of the Neighborhood Concert Series April 1. “The concert is a little bit of this and a little bit of that,” conductor Eric Stark said. The performance, held in Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall, included 15 singers dressed

Aliah Ajamoughli: A proud Syrian

SHAUNA KASKE | STAFF REPORTER Senior Aliah Ajamoughli is an avid fighter for the Syrian Revolution. Ajamoughli made it her life’s mission to raise awareness for Syria’s current conflict through her music. Her decision was inspired by her family’s heritage and connection with the culture. Ajamoughli began playing the cello in fifth grade despite her

Studebaker serenades

ASHLEY WALDEN | STAFF REPORTER By definition, Thomas Studebaker is an impressive man. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches, Studebaker, a voice professor, has a commanding physical presence. But what is even more outstanding about him is his wealth of experience in the opera world. Born in Danville, Illinois, Studebaker has lived all around the

Conquering the menace: Denis Boateng

CAMERON ALFORD | CO-ASSISTANT CULTURE EDITOR Junior Denis Boateng just wanted a place to call home. Boateng, a human communication and organizational leadership major, is from Indianapolis. However, he was born in Italy, and his parents are from Ghana. With so much he could identify with, he said he was proud to be a Butler

Taylor, television and Tina

SARAH COFFING | CULTURE EDITOR Monday, National Puppy Day, was Emily Zalewski’s favorite holiday. “Dogs are my favorite things,” she said. “After Taylor Swift and Vera Bradley, of course.” Zalewski is a sophomore digital media production major and English-creative writing minor from Homewood, Illinois. At Butler University, she holds a job at the bookstore. Her

Majora Carter – Bronx to Butler

CAMERON ALFORD | CO-ASSISTANT CULTURE EDITOR According to Majora Carter, everyone deserves a great quality of life. Carter, an urban revitalization strategist from South Bronx, New York, spoke at Clowes Memorial Hall March 19 as part of the Celebration of Diversity Lecture Series. Before becoming a developer, Carter wanted to pursue a graduate degree in

Alpha Chi Omega Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

JACOB REEVES | STAFF REPORTER Butler University’s Alpha Chi Omega hosted its second annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event March 21 to support the Julian Center and victims of domestic violence. The Julian Center, Indiana’s oldest and largest center for domestic violence relief, is dedicated to serving the women and children who suffer

Signs of a better tomorrow

NATALIE BLOOM | STAFF REPORTER Each Wednesday night on the third floor of Jordan Hall, an organization works hard to have its culture be heard on campus and in the community. Oddly enough, upon entering one of the meetings, one would find the group making little to no noise. American Sign Language Club is a group

Michael Krueger Recital

WESLEY SEXTON | STAFF REPORTER A composition recital is a rather unique occurrence that does not exist many places outside the academic context. This type of recital is an entire program of music newly composed by one individual. Michael Krueger’s graduate composition recital, which was held in Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall on March 22, was a