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Maíra Ferreira: Review

GRETCHEN MAYER | STAFF REPORTER The 29-member choir slowly filled to the front of stage in the semi-lit sanctuary. The organ pipes and stain-glassed windows reflected the grandeur of the large room. When Maíra Ferreira entered, applause followed her to the podium. She gracefully opened her music, made eye contact with the choir and raised her

Butler battles sexual assault

ANNIE WEBER | STAFF REPORTER The Student Government Association called Butler students to action with the release of the “It’s On Us” video Feb. 25. This video takes a different approach than usual—reaching students with the voices of their peers. “I, and other students featured in the video, firmly believe that the atrocity of sexual

Flaws with “one in five” sexual assault statistic

JULIAN WYLLIE | EDITOR-IN-CHIEF It is frequently reported that one in five women will be sexually assaulted before graduating college. President Obama cited this statistic at an event for the Council on Women and Girls on Jan. 22, 2014. But new studies show that the statistic itself is flawed. Researchers say more studies need to

5 things to know (Week 7)

Don’t have time to watch or read the news? No problem! The Butler Collegian’s editor-in-chief has compiled a list of the top five things he thinks readers should know this week. Let’s keep this relatively short, sweet and to the point. Come on down!   Fact 1: Bulldogs are the fourth favorite breed in America:

Sparking life into music

CAMERON ALFORD | STAFF REPORTER Batteries are made to spark life into a product. Freshman Aaron Marshall hopes to use music for a similar purpose: to empower. Marshall, known onstage as Double A, is an aspiring rapper. He is a recording industry studies major from Indianapolis, Indiana. Marshall came to Butler to pursue his passion:

Not just the oddball

SHAUNA KASKE | STAFF REPORTER Paige Rauschuber admits that the saxophone is sometimes considered to be the “oddball” of instruments. The saxophone is one of the more recently invented instruments and is not often seen in orchestral music. Even in concert band, saxophonists have to do transcriptions, or write their parts from other instruments. But,

Local workers protest Butler

MIRANDA MARITATO | STAFF REPORTER “Shame. Shame. Shame. Butler University,” reads the large banner held by protesters outside of the construction site for the new parking garage. The protesters are from Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters, which supports local carpenters and promotes central Indiana’s area standards, wages and fringe benefits for carpenters. The protesters are

Butler ranks last in recycling

KIRSTEN ADAIR | STAFF REPORTER Compared to other universities, Butler’s sustainability efforts have room for improvement. Butler competes in a national competition, called RecycleMania, among other universities, lasting until March 28. The goal is to create awareness of sustainability measures and increase recycling. Butler is ranked last out of 214 contestants with a recycling rate

Butler students assist homeless community

MOE SIMMONS | STAFF REPORTER Rachel Forsyth is a senior at Butler University who is taking a public relations course this semester. Little did she know she would be making a difference in the lives of the homeless community in Indianapolis. “We found that people want to help the homeless in Indy,” Forsyth said. “But