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Glory road

SHAUNA KASKE | STAFF REPORTER Senior Ellie Glorioso-Wible seems destined to play the cello. She was born into a musical family and grew up around the sounds of the piano, violin and cello. Glorioso-Wible started playing piano when she was just 3 years old. “I remember there was a day in church when I saw

Butler’s housing nightmare

KIRSTEN ADAIR | STAFF REPORTER Every student living on campus will have a bed, but not all students will be happy about where they end up resting their heads next semester. Student housing selection was held for rising sophomores and juniors this past Tuesday and the Tuesday before. Rising juniors chose on March 31 and

Hitting the jackpot

ANNIE WEBER | STAFF REPORTER Jim McKneight knows the feeling of having millions of dollars transferred into his bank account in an instant. He helped grow and sell three companies as CFO and sold them for over $100 million. Now he is a business professor here at Butler. You know those blue bags of ice

Students suffer from seasonal depression

MIRANDA MARITATO | STAFF REPORTER Thirty percent of college students experience depression, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. This depression ranges from seasonal affective disorder to major depressive disorder. “Seasonal affective disorder is a colloquialism, not a psychiatric disorder,” psychology professor Joel Martin said. “It is actually a subtype of major depressive disorder.”

Finals week edges closer

KARL AGGER | STAFF REPORTER For Butler students, the month of April does not just bring warmer weather. It also brings a great big heap of stress. Stress, a common enough problem at any time during the school year, becomes even more acute as the semester nears its end. There are only six weeks of

5 Things to Know (Week 10)

Don’t have time to watch or read the news? No problem! The Butler Collegian’s editor-in-chief has compiled a list of the top five things he thinks readers should know this week. Let’s keep this short, sweet and to the point. The truth will traumatize.     Fact 1: It matters where you go to college:

Without struggle, there is no strength

CAMERON ALFORD | CO-ASST. CULTURE EDITOR Sacrifice shapes Cristina McNeiley and her story. McNeiley, a sophomore criminology and sociology major from Munster, Indiana, knew she would make her mark at Butler University. When she first visited campus, she loved it, but she also noticed a lack of diversity. “When you come here, you are going

It takes two

SHAUNA KASKE | STAFF REPORTER Sarah Macey and Meredith Burns may seem to be a normal pair of best friends, but as aspiring professional musicians, they are anything but average. Sarah Macey, a Chicago native, started playing the viola in fourth grade but she did not begin lessons until she was 13. Meredith Burns, originally

Indy embraces its sunny side

JACOB REEVES | STAFF REPORTER A wave of freshly ground coffee beans and the hoppy sweetness of a fresh brew filled The Thirsty Scholar last Saturday during a performance by Broad Ripple’s The Sunset Four. The gentle sounds of smooth jazz caressed the ears of listeners, and an unoccupied wooden barstool sat at the bar.