Michael Krueger Recital


A composition recital is a rather unique occurrence that does not exist many places outside the academic context.

This type of recital is an entire program of music newly composed by one individual.

Michael Krueger’s graduate composition recital, which was held in Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall on March 22, was a full-blown celebration of music, friendship and the young composer’s many achievements.

Many talented musicians collaborated to perform both solo and chamber works that Krueger composed during his time at Butler University.

It is clear that Krueger has cultivated a deep understanding of music, and his compositional acumen was apparent in each of the works performed.

Krueger’s compositional style often works against the rigid tradition of classical music, leaving much of the decision-making up to the performer.

For example, Krueger performed an impromptu duet with his friend and fellow composer Shane Prather.

The two musicians conversed on stage, creating a musical dialogue in which the audience happily took part.

Krueger’s innovative style often creates a musical experience that is quirky and humorous, yet simultaneously moving and serious.

Krueger was also able to showcase his capabilities as a performer, playing his “Concerto for Euphonium” himself.

Through his compositions and his performances, one thing became clear: Krueger is passionate about music, and his recital was truly a celebration of the type of world that allows him to do the thing he loves most.