Alpha Chi Omega Walk a Mile in Her Shoes


Butler University’s Alpha Chi Omega hosted its second annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event March 21 to support the Julian Center and victims of domestic violence.

The Julian Center, Indiana’s oldest and largest center for domestic violence relief, is dedicated to serving the women and children who suffer from this abuse.

During more than a span of 40 years, the Julian Center has served more than 200,000 individuals.

Hundreds of men and women gathered to walk exactly one mile in bright red high heels, which were meant to symbolize the oppression of domestic violence victims.

Photos by Lauren Biolsi

Photos by Lauren Biolsi

The morning sun shone off the shoes as each new pair was taken out of its box.

Josh Murdock, a freshman, said he was “walking to raise awareness about the atrocities of domestic violence.”

Each walker donated $3 to participate in the walk, which Alpha Chi Omega then donated to the Julian Center.

“We are all here to promote awareness of domestic violence and to put it into perspective for men,” said Marisa Heiling, a sister of Alpha Chi Omega.

Many men stumbled about on the grass, unbalanced and wobbly, as they had no practice walking in heels.

“I’m terrified,” said junior Drew Horn. “I don’t know how I’m going to go a whole mile in these.”

Before the walk started, Alex de Aguiar Reuter spoke to the participants.

Reuter is the manager of corporate engagement at the Julian Center.

He promoted proactivity, the spread of awareness and not letting domestic violence cases go unreported.

“If you need help, get help,” he said.

The women of Alpha Chi Omega brought a great amount of support to a worthy cause, and spread awareness of a prominent issue in our community and society.


One Comment;

  1. Don, the 14%er said:

    ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ is for men to help raise awareness about rape, sexual assault and gender violence by walking around in women’s shoes. To raise consciousness about the majority of cases of assault and violence though, perhaps women should ‘Walk a Mile in His Shoes.’

    From reports that I’ve read, men may be victims of sexual assault and rape just as often as women. This is certainly true of the U.S. prison population. So maybe the ‘Walk’ should be in prison shoes.

    Another recent report indicates that men in the military suffer sexual abuse and rape more often than women in the military. Instead of ‘her shoes,’ perhaps the ‘Walk’ should be in combat boots.

    While any casualty is too many, there are many other causes of death that claim more lives than sexual violence — causes that can be prevented.

    Suicide claims about 30,000 lives each year and about 65% of them are male. A Toe Tag would be the appropriate foot-wear to raise consciousness for this type of tragedy.

    Workplace fatalities claim more than 4,000 lives each year and more than 90 percent are male. A steel-toed work boot could symbolize these victims.

    More than 15,000 people are murdered each year and almost 90% of them are male. Perhaps concrete shoes can symbolize this homicide statistic.

    While men can help raise awareness of women’s fatalities by walking a mile in her shoes, can women return the favor by walking a mile in his shoes?