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Texting etiquette for dummies: what to avoid

TAYLOR JANKOWSKI | OPINION COLUMNIST Whether one is aware of it or not, there is an unspoken set of rules when it comes to texting. This article is dedicated to those of you who are unaware of these common texting courtesies, or perhaps even, simply do not care. This will inform you about the various

The wingwoman

EPIPHANY JOHNICAN | OPINION COLUMNIST Most people only know the bare minimum about me. Yes, my name is Epiphany. Yes, I am a first-year student. But what most people do not know about me is that I’m also a secret agent. I spend every day working with the same client. Every day I use the

Things Butler students should be thankful for

JENNA VORIS | OPINION COLUMNIST Photo courtesy of Flickr With Thanksgiving break over and the promise of Christmas on the horizon, it’s not unusual for Butler University students to be feeling a bit, well, over it. These next 14 days pushing into finals week either sends students into a studying, note-taking frenzy, or makes them question

A college student’s Christmas list

ALEXIS PRICE | OPINION EDITOR On Black Friday, we hoped for deals from FAFSA rather than our favorite clothing stores. When we wrote our Christmas lists, we asked for VISA gift cards—keeping loads of laundry and Starbucks in mind. We told our parents that we wanted a new pair of rainboots instead of the latest

The easy major myth

TAYLOR JANKOWSKI | OPINION COLUMNIST Photo courtesy of Flickr Whether it be on Yik Yak or through some private conversation I have witnessed a lot of majors, such as communications, get trivialized. A lot of people are convinced that these things called “easy majors” exist. For example, some people have it in their heads that English

Trends that need to die in 2016

JENNA VORIS | OPINION COLUMNIST Last week I came across an article from Cosmopolitan’s website titled “21 Beauty Trends That Need to Die in 2015.” I decided to see what the article had to say, wondering why a magazine who catered to women was seemingly bashing trends that female celebrities wore.  Cosmopolitan condemned everything from

Is this for a grade?

AARON SMITH | OPINION COLUMNIST Photo Courtesy of Public Domain Photos There should be a paid option when registering for classes, or a CARFAX with the details and specifications. It seems that classes are becoming more and more stressful and hectic. It takes patience and time-management—that must be learned rather than inherited—to be a full-time student

Why we should appreciate the English major

ALEXIS PRICE | OPINION EDITOR Photo courtesy of Public Domain Image “Writers don’t make much money, do they?” “What, do you want to write books or something?” “Can you even get a job with an English degree?” “Your workload probably won’t be very stressful. Do you just read Shakespeare and stuff?” Oh, the pressing questions