Is this for a grade?

AARON SMITH | OPINION COLUMNIST Photo Courtesy of Public Domain Photos

There should be a paid option when registering for classes, or a CARFAX with the details and specifications. It seems that classes are becoming more and more stressful and hectic.

It takes patience and time-management—that must be learned rather than inherited—to be a full-time student in this day and age. Classes take up more time than any extra-curricular or sports team at any school.

Professors treat classes as if students only take that class, rather than the 12 to 15 other credit hours the student signed up for. There is often not enough time in a day to complete so many homework assignments and projects.

Victor Hibbler, sophomore at Butler University, said professors should consider that students have other classes.

“Most students are full-time and they work,” he said.

Along with that, most working, full-time students are at a disadvantage with their time being consumed by clubs and work.

Some students have on-campus jobs, which means they are able to get better assistance from professors without the added travel time. However, it is harder when some jobs require specific amounts of hours. College students are not rolling in money, so a little cash is a necessity—especially when doing laundry on campus.

Professors have multiple courses they need to grade tests and papers for and it keeps them busy. When asked whether they have graded everything, students get the same response about how many classes the professor is dealing with.

It is the same as professors taking days, even weeks, to hand back tests and assignments. When asked when the tests will be returned, the response is always “I haven’t gotten around to it” or “I have a lot to grade so I need more time.”

In the same context, when students are late with assignments, or are not prepared for tests, professors feel that students should have used their time more wisely. However, if we were to say “I forgot to study because I was trying to write your paper” or “I have other classes and I need more time,” some professors are not understanding.

Class work weighs heavily on students. Reading 80 pages in a novel, writing a five-page paper with interviewed sources and preparing a five-minute speech on a subject matter of little interest is too much to handleparticularly when those things are all due the same day

Professors do not understand that students use time outside of class to focus on jobs, while also fulfilling the duties needed to receive scholarships and continue their college careers.

Instead of assuming we can’t time manage effectively, it should be taken under consideration that students are more stressed with simply passing the class.

Perhaps when we register for classes there should include an overtime option, warning students of how much time they have to spend on work outside of the class.