Seven fashions for ladies to rock in unpredictable fall weather


This fall weather in Indianapolis has been pretty varied lately, ranging from higher 40s to the lower 60s. It sucks not knowing what to wear. Are crop tops okay for fall? It’s warm outside, should I wear my sandals?

To save you from the hassle of not knowing what to wear during this season, here are some articles of clothing that you can rock no matter the temperature.

1. Overalls

Tan, dark red, and navy blue jumpers are perfect for that fall appeal. They can be worn with either a long sleeve or short sleeve shirt, or a jacket for a colder day. This piece can match with heels, boots, or even sandals. You can adjust your jumper to the weather of the day. This article of clothing can be found almost anywhere, from Walmart to Goodwill. 

2. Floppy hats

Floppy hats have such a professional look. Black ones are perhaps the best to choose because they can be worn with an array of different colored outfits. Sun hats are nice with outfits that are more formal and can dress up any tank top with jeans. These aren’t only for the summer. You can wear them on a breezy day, to keep your hair in place, or even to keep your head warm while looking cute!

For low-priced floppy hats, you can check out Charlotte Russe, which sells them in a variety of colors.

3. Crop tops

Yes, crop top lovers – they are still in season. Crop tops do not necessarily have to expose your midriff; they can be worn with high-waisted skinny jeans or a high-waisted skirt. For a more modest look, match your crop top with a cute cardigan in brown, black, or white. Your best bet for finding one is at Wet Seal or Charlotte Russe.

4. Leather jackets  

Although leather jackets are more on the fall slide, they are good to have for those days that are downright freezing. You can go for a more cliche look of ripped jeans and combat boots with the jacket, but they can be worn with so much more.

Dark leather jackets can be worn over lighter colored hoodies. But brown jackets in particular look great with scarves. They can also be worn with a sassy, feminine outfit like a sparkly top with jeans and heels. Put on a prissy outfit, and let the leather biker jacket work its magic. You will be in awe on how great the mélange style turns out.

For leather jackets, you can go to Forever 21, Wet Seal, and Charlotte Russe.

5. Summer denim

Probably the most multi-season article of clothing, almost any length of your summer denim can still be worn this fall. In order to make this work, say hello to knee-high boots. Depending on the length of your jeans, you can wear boots on top to hide the true length. You can wear knee-high boots with capri length jeans, or over-the-knee boots with longer jean shorts.

And don’t forget that it is OK to still wear ripped jeans. Just put some tights or leggings under, for those cooler days. Red tights are recommended for an even edgier look.

6. Leg warmers

These can be rocked all through the fall and winter seasons. Wear them over heels, tennis shoes, or inside of boots. With leg warmers, you can not only keep your legs warm, but look stylish while doing it. Fashion Hack: If you do not have knee-high boots, these can also be worn to cover up the truth length of your capris. You are welcome.

Leg Warmers can be found at almost any department store such as Carson’s or Macy’s.

7. Fur vests

Everyone needs a fur vest this season. They come in a variety of colors. My favorite is leopard print. These fur vests will not only take you through fall, but also through winter. Almost anything can be worn under them: long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, and long sleeved sweaters.

Do yourself a favor and buy your favorite colored fur vest to wear for these next two seasons. Rue 21 has fur vests in an array of colors. This will probably be your go-to store for fur vests.

Hopefully these fashion tips find you well. The best thing that can happen: You look stylish from head to toe. Try them out, see what happens, and thank me later. Now, you can go forward confidently in this weather!