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Students without cars look for alternatives

While navigating campus backwards, university tour guides generally advise prospective freshmen that they will not need a car during their first year at Butler. In 2011, almost 4,000 parking permits were issued to students, faculty and staff. The students who do not bring their cars rely on their friends or the Student Government Association-provided shuttle

SGA assembly approves largest budget in organization history

The Student Government Association approved the largest budget in school history at last week’s assembly. In a nearly unanimous vote, assembly members voted to pass the budget without question. The organization’s budget is money received through student fees. Each Butler University undergraduate pays $244 in student fees each year. Nearly $180 of that fee funds

Assembly to vote on new budget

Butler University’s Student Government Association will vote this afternoon to approve the largest budget in the organization’s history. More than $748,000 collected from student fees will be allocated to student organizations and programs. Each year, Butler students pay approximately $288 in student fees. About $180 goes to SGA. Representatives from Butler’s more than 150 student

Organization gets denied

A prospective student organization was denied endorsement by the Student Government Association last Wednesday, and is up for appeal today. The National Society for Leadership and Success was presented before SGA executives and was denied endorsement. SGA Assembly will now listen to the NSLS’s presentation, and will vote to pass it or not. If the

Despite discussion, SGA assembly frequency will not change

It may always get brought up at Student Government Association assembly meetings, but the meeting frequency will not change any time soon. SGA President Al Carroll said that the idea to move assembly to every other week as opposed to every week like it is now is brought up every year. “The administration wouldn’t change

Students, alumni reflect on SGA

With Student Government Association elections around the corner, students and alumni reflected on SGA’s current administration and their experiences with the organization in years past. While student leaders affiliated with SGA maintain the organization is acting in the best interests of the students and is headed in the right direction, some students would like to

Polar Plunge comes to Butler

Many students will bear the cold in this year’s Polar Plunge event. The event, which is part of Butler’s Spring Sports Spectacular and sponsored by the Student Government Association, aims to raise money to support training and competitions for 11,000 Indiana Special Olympics athletes. Participants will jump in a pool of frigid water in winter

OPINION | Wine tasting brings out grapes and gripes

Wine is supposed to leave a bitter taste in one’s mouth, but the way Student Government Association and class officers spend student activity fees shouldn’t. The Collegian previously reported in “SGA allocates extra funds for class officers” on Sept. 28 that SGA added $4,000 this year to the amount of money that class officers can

SGA tables discussion on creating student senate

While Student Government Association assembly has tabled the idea of having a student senate for now, the issue will return in the fall. Al Carroll, current SGA parliamentarian and president-elect for the 2011-12 school year, said he is unconvinced that the student senate format would be beneficial, but debate will continue. Student senates at other

SGA defines Butler with ideals statement

Most students in Student Government Association assembly rallied against an honor code but passed a similar measure, called the Student Ideals Statement, last semester. The Student Ideals Statement will be placed in about 30 classrooms, spaces and lobbies around campus. Senior Michael Tirman, a finance and music history major and member of the Council on