Faculty work to bring transportation to campus

Butler University faculty are asking students to help bring public transportation to campus.

A public meeting with Indy Connect, central Indiana’s public transportation initiative, was scheduled for last night but was rescheduled due to inclement weather concerns.

Butler offered to shuttle 50 students to the meeting so they could offer their own opinions on the matter.

Indy Connect has a plan for bus and/or rail lines shown on a map found at www.indyconnect.org.

Rich Michal, executive director of facilities, said in a Faculty Senate meeting that he has been working with the Student Government Association, which has been working on a resolution to present at the meeting.

“Obviously we are concerned about this line,” Michal said. “We are encouraging folks to attend these meetings and express their opinion.”

The aspect of the plan that Butler is most concerned with is the “red line” that would run north and south through central Indiana.

The line would reach 25 miles from Carmel, past Butler, through downtown Indianapolis and south to Greenwood.

According to Indy Connect’s website, three potential routes for the line are along Meridian Street, College Avenue and Keystone Avenue.

Michal said Butler prefers the route that would go from Westfield to College Avenue.

However, the mass transit system is still not an absolute for central Indiana.

Legislation for the system has passed through the Indiana House in the past few weeks and now faces the Indiana Senate.

If legislation were to pass every level, Hamilton and Marion counties plan to begin voting on passing legislation themselves as soon as 2014.

The public meeting for Butler students is rescheduled for Tuesday, March 19, at the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation, 6501 N. Meridian St.


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