Craig Fisher voted SGA president

The Butler student body chose junior Craig Fisher to lead the Student Government Association in the 2013-14 school year.

The Election Oversight Committee released the verified results for the SGA presidential election Monday night.

Fisher is a pharmacy major native to Indianapolis. Both of his parents are Butler alumni.  He attributes his success to his involvement and experience.

“I think it’s great when students elect a leader that they know,” he said.

Fisher said he is currently facing the challenges of getting ready to serve the student body. The application process for vice presidents starts today and will conclude at the end of March.

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s worthwhile because this campus is so worthwhile,” Fisher said.

This year, 2,034 students voted in the SGA elections, according to the Election Oversight Committee’s report. Much of the voter turnout had to do with the use of social media, said Brittany Elkins, a four-year member of the EOC.

Every year the campaign has a completely different personality, she said. This year’s campaign was different than in previous years because numbers will not be released and the campaign period was shortened to 10 days.

“People are definitely more aggressive this year,” Elkins said.

The committee as a whole was a lot more active with planning activities, Elkins said. The shorter campaign time kept more people’s interest when it came to meeting and researching the candidates.

“Everyone that I’ve talked to did vote or had a candidate they wanted to win,” she said. “This year, people knew faces and names.”

The election bylaws, which Elkins helped write during her freshman year, are updated after each election. This year, the EOC will focus on eliminating loopholes and clarifying rules.

“It’s a living document,” Elkins said. “It changes with the people.”

During the election, Fisher’s and junior Katie Palmer’s campaign came under review by the EOC. As an athletics intern, Palmer printed her campaign logo on the back of the 3-point signs fans wave at every game. Fisher incorporated the trademarked Bulldog logo into his.

Both were considered minor infractions because the issues had never been brought up before, said Abigail Springer, a member of the EOC.

“We need to be very clear about who you can be endorsed by and what endorsement means,”  Springer said.

The EOC reviewed the violations to decide if they were worthy of disqualification. These issues were more convoluted than in years prior, when infractions would be smaller and more manageable,  Springer said.

“The election was clean in that each candidate argued for what they believed in and what they stood for,” she said.

After the election, the EOC will discuss changes that need to be made to the election bylaws. SGA Assembly must vote on any changes for next year.

Not releasing numbers helped make this election more positive than in previous years, Springer said. She attributes a lot of this election’s success to use social media, including the Social Media Blitz on the Friday the election started.

“More people voted,” she said, “so we were doing something right.”


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