SGA assembly approves largest budget in organization history

The Student Government Association approved the largest budget in school history at last week’s assembly.

In a nearly unanimous vote, assembly members voted to pass the budget without question.

The organization’s budget is money received through student fees.

Each Butler University undergraduate pays $244 in student fees each year. Nearly $180 of that fee funds the SGA budget.

Butler’s record-setting class size contributed to the record-setting budget.

All university-recognized student organizations fall under SGA’s umbrella. Organizations can apply for grants to fund activities.

The money also covers concerts, late-night activities, the weekend shuttle and other programming events.

This year was the first where the executive board from last year voted on the budget during the summer retreat.

Last year’s assembly voted on each line item to approve the total budget.

This year, however, there was only a vote on the overall budget.

Assembly will meet this afternoon at 4:30 in Pharmacy Building, room 150. All students are welcome.


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