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Groped, violated and assailed: Scared victims suffer under silence and stigma

COLIN LIKAS and EMILY WILLIAMS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF and STAFF REPORTER Phrases like, “she dressed provocatively,” “she acted promiscuously,” and “she had it coming” are part of it. So is not reporting what happened because of feelings of helplessness and fear. These ideas all contribute to the stigma associated with sexual assault. But various Butler University organizations

OPINION | Sexual Assault Awareness Week should make lasting impact

Sexual Assault Awareness Week has come to Butler University again, compelling campus to think about a subject many want to ignore. These programs perfectly demonstrate the right way to involve people on the topic: education and respect for human beings. Sexual assault occurs with terrifying frequency in the world, this country and at Butler. These

OPINION | BU faces larger issues than drinking

Butler University officials have drawn a lot of attention to  drinking on campus. However, Butler deals with and largely ignores graver issues like sexual assault and theft. Drinking incidents have increased over the past several years—from 134 referrals to student affairs in 2009 to 175 in 2011, Andrew Ryan, assistant chief of police, said. Alcohol

Spotlight on sexual assault

Sept. 5, 2012 “Butler University is certainly not immune to sexual assault. It happens more than people think.” Sexual assault often goes unreported, leaving the victim to deal with the effects, the perpetrator free with no repercussions and universities looking to adjust programs and judicial systems to deal with the crime. Butler University, officials said,

Campus seeks to raise awareness of sex assault

This week is Sexual Assault Awareness Week on the Butler University campus, and it seems like it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. The awareness week is held at the beginning of every school year. Sarah Barnes-Diaz, health education and outreach programs coordinator, said that people are thinking that this awareness week is

Sexual assault report raises concerns regarding campus safety

University warnings have been in the campus consciousness following last Wednesday’s email from Butler University Police Department regarding an alleged sexual assault by an undisclosed individual that occurred at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house. Andrew Ryan, assistant chief of police at BUPD, said what is alleged to have happened at Phi Kappa Psi suggested