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Collegian 60 second preview 1.30

Opinion editor Maria Rapisarda joins Kennedy Aiman to discuss what the opinion section of the Butler Collegian has to offer this week. Stories include columns over how students stay motivated, the large number of school shootings already this year and how the Butler community feels about President Trump after one year.

“Talk less, smile more:” Leslie Odom Jr. gives life advice based on his own roles

Hamilton performers, including Leslie Odom Jr. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. JENNA VORIS | OPINION COLUMNIST | jmvoris1@butler.edu Leslie Odom Jr., aka Aaron Burr from the Broadway smash hit “Hamilton,” spoke at DePauw University’s Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture series last week. And I got to be in the room where it happened. The actor, who

Things you did not know about apartment living

JENNA VORIS | OPINION COLUMNIST | jmvoris1@butler.edu Last year, I walked into my first Butler apartment excited and full of anticipation.  Something about having my own dishwasher and a bathroom I did not have to share with 20 other girls made me feel like an official “adult.” Imagine my surprise when I walked into my