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Senior Sendoff: An Irish Goodbye

Senior Sendoff: An Irish Goodbye

Four years after attending my first Collegian meeting, it’s finally time to put a knot in this part of my life, to tuck the pieces beneath my warp strings and move on with something in its place. It’s certainly easier said than done, trying to extricate myself from this glorious tangle of newspaper twine and Slack threads.

Sinophobic coronavirus fears hurt the Asian community

As coronavirus continues to dominate our discourse, active racism toward Asian communities — known as sinophobia — is becoming more and more prominent. One of the best ways to combat this vile trend is simple: continue to patronize Asian-owned businesses, especially restaurants.

Collegian 60 second preview 1.30

Opinion editor Maria Rapisarda joins Kennedy Aiman to discuss what the opinion section of the Butler Collegian has to offer this week. Stories include columns over how students stay motivated, the large number of school shootings already this year and how the Butler community feels about President Trump after one year.