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John Green to speak at commencement

Butler University President Jim Danko announced last Thursday  the keynote speaker at the 2013 commencement will be New York Times bestselling author John Green. His most recent work, “The Fault in Our Stars,” is what earned him the honor from the Times. He also is known for his 2012 novel, “Looking for Alaska.” Green also

OPINION | Documentary represents real women and ads’ flaws

Advertising attacks women with constant images that demean, objectify and subordinate them. That’s the premise of “Miss Representation,” a documentary showing this week on campus. I hope to see a packed house and not just with women. According to the organization’s website, “the film…exposes how American youth are being sold the concept that women and

OPINION | Artists and audience need to think before they post, tweet and film

Free Speech Week was two weeks ago, and I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how great a privilege free speech really is. But the more I contemplate it, the more a certain phrase keeps popping into my head—just because I can doesn’t mean I should. And with so many outlets for free