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Dawg with a Vlog: Butler student goes viral on TikTok

Dawg with a Vlog: Butler student goes viral on TikTok

On Aug. 19, Butler University sophomore Chinyelu Mwaafrika posted a TikTok captioned “If I hear of parties…I will snitch” and went to sleep. Since then, the video has received over 7 million views and 2.2 million likes.

How protected are you?

October marks the start of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The information technology department will be sending out safety tips throughout the month to keep students informed and active about online security. Tyler Johnston from IT said cybersecurity is a multifaceted idea. He said that while there are many potential dangers that online activity can bring,

Student falls through greenhouse

An unknowing freshman fell through the roof of Butler University’s greenhouse last Saturday. Butler University Police Department Sgt. Mike Banner said that the student sat on the greenhouse roof, thinking it was brick, and fell through the glass. BUPD withheld the name of the student involved. “It’s hard to say how far he fell,” he