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Danko responds to Butler sexual assault allegations

Danko responds to Butler sexual assault allegations

Butler President James Danko published a statement Friday night in response to the news cycle this week that involved a Butler sexual assault case.

Letter to the Editor: Students respond to Butler’s statement on sexual assault

On Jan. 29, news surfaced about a sexual assault that occurred on Butler’s campus in fall 2016. That evening, President James Danko released a statement about sexual violence. Students respond in a letter to the editor.

College of Education to move to CTS at start of 2018-2019 academic year

Though the deal is not yet on paper, President Danko and CTS President Matthew Boulton discuss a partnership between the two schools. Butler would buy a large portion of CTS campus, and Butler’s College of Education would relocate.

Reclassification concerns voiced at staff assembly meeting

Marais Jacon-Duffy | Editor-in-Chief Butler staff members discussed dissatisfaction with recent reclassification of their jobs at today’s staff assembly meeting. Reclassification requires staff members’ jobs to be reevaluated and potentially changed from salary to hourly pay or a change in overtime exemption. Additionally, all hourly paid employees are now paid bi-weekly rather than monthly. Staff grievances

Danko’s State of The University addressed Big East, construction, sexual assault, among others

By: Marais Jacon-Duffy Editor-in-Chief University President James Danko highlighted progress made and progress yet to be made in his State of the University address this morning. He discussed issues such as sexual assault, Butler’s move to the Big East, new facilities and construction on campus, changes in administrative positions and also addressed an article published in

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Glad my student isn’t going to Butler

Patricia Bowman wrote the following in an email to President Danko in response to the College Fix  article. Butler University was initially on my daughter’s college list: However, we decided against it for various reasons. All students should be open to new perspectives—but why are students in this course required to be someone they are

UNIVERSITY RESPONSE | A message to Butler from President Danko about inclusivity

University President Jim Danko wrote the following message to the entire campus December 1. Dear Butler University Students, Faculty and Staff: According to our Statement of Guiding Principles, at Butler University we work toward respect and dignity for all individuals in our community and aim to promote an open and tolerant environment for voicing opinions.

Endowment part of discussion at president’s town hall

Economic and spatial growth were on the minds of students and vice presidents at Butler University President Jim Danko’s town hall meeting on Monday night, where about 20 students asked questions and voiced concerns to university administrators. Danko, along with Vice Presidents Bruce Arick, Levester Johnson, Gerald  Carlson and Chief of Staff and Executive Director

STAFF EDITORIAL | Free advice for new president

Freshmen aren’t the only people new to Butler University this fall. As Butler President Jim Danko starts his inaugural semester, The Butler Collegian would like to offer some friendly advice. Danko has done a fantastic job this summer speaking with and listening to faculty, staff and Student Government Association members. The new president wants to