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Clarifying the Butler-purchased insurance plan

Each summer, students find emails in their inbox about the Butler-purchased insurance plan. Enrollment into the plan is automatic, and all but about 350 to 400 students choose to opt out of the plan before the August deadline rolls around. However, for many otherwise uninsured students and international students, waiving the insurance plan is not an option.

FOR YOUR HEALTH: Surviving HRC rookies

A fresh wave of reinforcements has entered the war on all body parts pudgy, portly and plump. To the dismay of many Health and Recreation Complex regulars, New Year’s intentions disrupt typical workout schedules. So what can year-round health nuts do to cope with these gym greenhorns? For those of you who can’t wait until

Tournament supports female athletes

The Butler University Health and Recreation Center will host the first ever Shoot for Scholarships 3-on-3 coed charitable basketball tournament on Saturday, April 23. The tournament is a fundraiser for the Cora Tema Dean Scholarship—a fund that supports female athletes in low-income areas. It is sponsored by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored