FOR YOUR HEALTH: Surviving HRC rookies

A fresh wave of reinforcements has entered the war on all body parts pudgy, portly and plump.

To the dismay of many Health and Recreation Complex regulars, New Year’s intentions disrupt typical workout schedules.

So what can year-round health nuts do to cope with these gym greenhorns? For those of you who can’t wait until Spring Break is over, I’ve created a few tips to help you navigate the HRC.

Treadmills and ellipticals are often the first casualty in the assault on leftover holiday flab.

To avoid crowded treadmills or ellipticals, try running to and from the HRC or using the track upstairs.

Fickle Indiana weather may also give runners the chance to enjoy an outdoor jog. Local jogging routes are available on the HRC website.

Veterans accustomed to unlimited time on gym favorites like bench press or cables may be in for a rude awakening.

Meatheads looking for a way to work out their same upper body glam should try alternative exercises like flat dumbbell press, dumbbell flys or push-up routines. These exercises are easily accessible and will spice up your workout.

Players who want to hit the court may also find an influx of ex-athletes dominating the hardwood.

Those frustrated with long wait times in their pick-up games should look for fun fitness elsewhere.

Structured classes like turbo kick or pick-up games of water volleyball will burn just as many calories, are just as much fun and are typically far less prone to injuries.

In the case of resolutioners in the gym, the old saying “If you can’t beat them, join them,” is the best approach of acceptance and community.

The HRC is a place of self-improvement. People go to the gym to live a healthy lifestyle and improve themselves. This is a daunting task and deserves respect.

Regulars sometimes forget how intimidating the HRC can be to rookies.

If you view yourself as a seasoned HRC vet, why not put your muscle where your mouth is and encourage amateurs to keep up the hard work? After all, isn’t that the Butler Community of Care


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