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Clarifying the Butler-purchased insurance plan

Each summer, students find emails in their inbox about the Butler-purchased insurance plan. Enrollment into the plan is automatic, and all but about 350 to 400 students choose to opt out of the plan before the August deadline rolls around. However, for many otherwise uninsured students and international students, waiving the insurance plan is not an option.

Close-quarter living spaces spreads various illnesses

ALEXANDRA BODE STAFF REPORTER ABODE@BUTLER.EDU A month and a half ago, students moved into their residences halls, Greek houses, campus apartments and off-campus houses, ready to start the 2013-2014 school year. This means that, for a month and a half, students have been living in close quarters with one another, increasing the risk of health

Nutrition under the microscope

ALEXANDRA BODE | STAFF REPORTER The Atherton Union Marketplace will feature more nutritional information than in previous years. In 2012 the American College Health Association conducted a survey revealing a high number of students wanted more nutritional information about the food served on campus. Butler has already taken steps in its dining facilities to make