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Stress is the status quo

According to Butler students, being busy is a status symbol. Students are taking on multiple leadership positions and extracurricular activities. Junior Katie Palmer is involved with conferences and special events, has an internship with Butler athletics, has a virtual internship with the state department, is the president of the class of 2014, serves as academic

Finals bring stress, HRC suggests relief

Stress-—the word is frequently used this time of year. But there’s more to it than its existence between now and break. Stress can have a major impact on the body and mind, according to health experts at the Health and Recreation Complex. Mindy Wallpe, HRC staff psychologist, said stress-management techniques are key to a student’s

Finals Survival Guide | The best places to study. The best ways to avoid the stress. The best ways to make it out alive.

Finding the right study space There are places all around campus that have yet to be completely discovered by many students, making them the perfect study locations on campus. While walking from Starbucks to Jordan Hall, it might seem like there is a greenhouse on the third floor of Jordan.  That is actually a study