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Roxane Gay – Visiting Writers Series

Roxane Gay – Visiting Writers Series

MATTHEW DEL BUSTO | STAFF REPORTER “Don’t you guys have anything better to do?” This is how Roxane Gay, writer and professor at Purdue University, began her talk at the Schrott Center. In one way or another, she was memorable from the moment she ambled on stage until she stepped off. Her first words foreshadowed

What you can do in a Winter Wonderland

ASHLEY TOMASZEWSKI | STAFF REPORTER The fresh smell of a new start: the second semester of the academic year. This new part of the year brings many offerings to the college student: new classes, friends, and if attending school in the Midwest, weather. It is the turn to the second semester that brings with it

Tamas Melts Away the Winter Blues

SAM KNEPPRATH | STAFF REPORTER At Butler University, the cold winds of the north are continually forcing us to bundle up, the ever-domesticated squirrels are stocking up for their hibernation season and the odors of finals are stinking up the once joyous collegian air with a potpourri of gratuitous amounts of caffeine and all-nighters. Thankfully,

Bulldogs of Butler – Holiday Edition

ISABELLA FERRARI | STAFF REPORTER Burning a log, putting out porridge and eating good food. These are traditions for Jó’l, more commonly known as Yule. Cambria York, a senior vocal performance and historical musicology major, is part of a religion known as Forn Siðr, also called Heathenry, a modern Pagan new religious movement, and celebrates Yule.

Lizzie Velasquez speaks out against bullying

GABBY MOLINE | STAFF REPORTER A boy stops to help pick up his classmate’s books that fell on the ground. A sympathetic individual speaks out against name-calling. Someone invites the girl who sits alone to join her table. Little acts of courage and kindness can help to make a big difference in the world. Lizzie

DoorDash delivers more food options to students

TESSA WOHLBERG | STAFF REPORTER Butler University students already complain about the lack of food that can be delivered to the university. Besides HotBox, Jimmy John’s and a few Chinese restaurants, Butler is basically left out to dry. The week before Thanksgiving, a new food delivering website was put into commission for Butler. The online

Comedian Aaron Kominos-Smith cracks jokes for Coffee House

GABBY MOLINE | STAFF REPORTER Aaron Kominos-Smith, a man lacking in stature but abundant in jokes, headlined the Starbucks Comedy Show on Butler University’s campus. The Student Government Association’s Coffee House group planned the event. This is the first ever comedian to come for their series of events. Kominos-Smith, a comedian residing in Brooklyn, appeared

Do Something – Veteran’s Day

SAM KNEPPRATH | STAFF REPORTER While there’s a seemingly endless supply of clubs, sports and extracurricular activities Butler University has to offer, on this past Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m. one club seemed to stand out not only for its fellow students, but also the troops. “Do Something” has constantly been on the pulse

Review: Our Town

GABBY MOLINE | STAFF REPORTER The Butler University theatre department opened its season with “Our Town,” a performance that lacked in scenery but was full in character. Stepping onto the barren stage at the Howard L. Schrott Center for the Arts, Ariel Laukins and Alexander Borrello, playing the stage managers, described the small town of

Sigma Gamma Rho Founder’s Week celebrated diversity

ASHLEY TOMASZEWSKI | STAFF REPORTER The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho at Butler University held its Founders Week from November 8-14th. The week celebrated the 93 years since the organization’s founding. The Alpha Chapter celebrated the week by hosting numerable events throughout the days, all following the theme of “The Seven Deadly Sins.” Events