What you can do in a Winter Wonderland


The fresh smell of a new start: the second semester of the academic year. This new part of the year brings many offerings to the college student: new classes, friends, and if attending school in the Midwest, weather. It is the turn to the second semester that brings with it a new—and rather cold—season to campuses across the Midwest.

This change from Mother Nature may push some to lose all desire from even getting out of bed, but not to fear there are so many fun things to do during these winter months that are affordable, if not free.

Don’t have a car on campus? Don’t fret. There are numerous activities to plan with friends made possible right here on Butler’s campus.

First of all, it is Butler basketball season for both the men’s and women’s teams. Venturing out to Hinkle to catch a game is a perfect way to spend time with friends, support fellow Bulldogs and enjoy one of the season’s great offerings.

“I love, love, love going to Butler basketball games,” sophomore Lauren Merk said. “I work most of them, and then try to go watch all the ones which I’m not already scheduled for. I find myself at Hinkle quite often, which I absolutely love.”

Another option is to truly embrace childhood and build a snowman, make snow angels or even grab a sled and go for a ride or two. For students who did not grow up with snow, like sophomore Karnjanakorn Sapianchai, experiencing these activities is truly remarkable.

“Growing up in Thailand, it was hard transitioning to the weather here,” he said. “However, I’ve found that spending time outside enjoying the snow is actually a great distraction from how cold it really is.”

Also, it is a stress reliever. Learning the rhythm of a new schedule and taking on a new workload is stressful—take a break and jump outside!

In all honesty, as many Butler students know firsthand, the weather is sometimes too harsh to even step outside one’s room. Well, there are activities to entertain friends under these circumstances as well.

winter pic

Collegian photo by Ashley Tomaszewski

Staying inside and watching a movie, eating snacks, and drinking some hot chocolate, or any other warm beverage, is an excellent choice. After all, these months are really the only ones people deem drinking hot chocolate every day of the week socially acceptable.

These are just a few of the practically innumerable activities to help get through what for many are cold, unbearable months. With transportation, one can explore all of the activities Indianapolis offers during the winter. With the help of these activities and some good friends, these months could be both enjoyable and memorable.