Butler vs Brown: Social media recap

Aaron Thompson drives to the hoop in Butler’s 80-65 win over Brown. Photo by Jimmy Lafakis. 

DREW SANDIFER | STAFF REPORTER | dsandife@butler.edu

After a disappointing loss to Saint Louis, the Butler Bulldogs returned to Hinkle Fieldhouse to try to get back on track. Brown, out of the Ivy League, posed as a good team for Butler to get some reps before Big East play.

After nearly three weeks on the road (or overseas), historic Hinkle was a sight for sore eyes.

And Butler Blue was back to his bones.

But… the incoming opponent wasn’t the most exciting that the Bulldogs will face this year.

Early it was Henry Baddley’s 10 points and 3-point shooting that was pacing Butler offensively.

It was a good half of basketball considering their recent past.

And Butler got to dominating mid-major opponents as they should.

However, the Bulldogs seemed to fall asleep on Brown as the Bears starting mounting a comeback.

After shooting 3 for 17 in Saint Louis, Baldwin’s offense was good to see for Butler fans.

It was a long-gone conclusion that BU would come out victorious, so some called to see some players we have yet to see this year.

But, you don’t get to see this very often…

No, it wasn’t the prettiest, but hey, a win’s a win.

However, as better teams approach on the schedule, it’s obvious that something will need to improve.

The Butler play this Saturday against the Northern Illinois Huskies at 4:30 to finish out the week homestand before playing in the Crossroads Classic.