New Collegian editor-in-chief chosen for next year


Alexis Price, a junior journalism and English creative writing double major, will be the next editor-in-chief of the Butler Collegian.

She will take replace the current Editor-in-Chief Katie Goodrich. Price has worked for the Collegian each semester, as an opinion columnist, opinion editor and now managing editor, in addition to finishing all her requirements for her journalism major except one course she will take in the fall.

“I was kind of shocked when it was announced,” Price said. “Of all the candidates, we had our own strengths and were well-rounded and bring different angles to the table. It could’ve been any of us.”

The selection process, which three candidates went through, consists of writing a platform detailing future goals for the newspaper, a presentation to the staff and an interview with a panel that includes the current editor, a former editor and a professional journalist from Indianapolis.

Price’s platform focused on a digital-first strategy, paying more attention to the website and social media channels than the print product.

“I’m still committed to having a printed paper every week,” she said. “But in the digital-first era, we need to focus on the key multimedia and immediate parts of digital-first, while we maintain and fine tune the print product and not make major changes.”

Her main focus points will be to hire strong social media managers and a digital editor that can guide the paper forward. She said she would like to cover more national stories next year.

“A lot of our audience wants to hear those big stories, but it’s our job to make them pertinent to the people in our community by localizing them,” Price said.

Price will officially take on her new role at the end of this semester.