DIRTY laundry

ALEX BARTLOW | abartlow@butler.edu | Opinion Columnist

Doing laundry in college: seems pretty simple, right?

All it takes is a swipe of the card, a cup full of detergent and a few slow hours on a Sunday afternoon.

At least that’s how we would like it to be.

Personally, I am not satisfied with Butler University’s laundry equipment and services.

Considering that other schools, such as Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and Franklin College, offer free and effective laundry facilities, Butler is consistently behind in both the pricing and effectiveness of its laundry equipment.

With the added costs of detergent, dryer sheets, accessories, a $1.50 fee per wash and a $1 fee per dry, some students have become furious with the hidden price tags of doing laundry in college.

Adam Lucchesi, a freshman business major, said he experienced the hardships of doing laundry at Butler.

“The machines are expensive, and the dryers have to run twice in order to get the job done,” he said.

Lucchesi, like myself, is fed up with the tumbling turmoil of Butler laundry.

On top of the regular troubles we face with our laundry machines, another major problem occurred two weeks ago.

Every Ross Hall washer and dryer was shut down due to unidentified “connection problems.”

The malfunction of the machines resulted in a tidal wave of Ross Hall residents using the services in Residential College and Schwitzer Hall laundry rooms.

Hanna Downs, an irritated ResCo resident, happened to be in the middle of this while she was expecting to do her laundry one night.

“It was a complete disaster,” Downs exclaimed.  “I wasn’t able to find an open washer or dryer in my own residence hall.”

As a freshman, I was not expecting to have laundry as one of my worries. However, its impact has left me completely dissatisfied with our laundry system.

With our university’s innovation vision at full speed, it is a mystery as to whether or not our washers and dryers will be innovated as well.

I think it would be wise if our university were to look into an effective laundry system, one with a smaller price tag for the “broke college kids” that we are.

Cartoon by Audrey Meyer


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