Workplace harassment training required

All  Butler University faculty, staff and student employees are required to complete a series of training programs relating to harassment in the workplace.

The announcement was made in an email from President James Danko to involved parties Monday.

The first of these programs is a 45-minute, interactive program meant to “empower members of our community to recognize and report potential harassment,” according to the email.

Butler Human Resources is working with Workplace Answers, an “external human resources training service,” on releasing instructions today for the intial training program.

Workplace Answers’ website contains a tagline promoting “Sexual Harassment Training, Diversity Training (and) Discrimination Training.”

The program must be completed by April 4.

The Butler Collegian will provide a report on this program in a future issue this semester.

From the BUPD Crime Log

March 3—Theft from the Holcomb Building, case closed, no further action

March 2—Unauthorized control with intent to deprive, possession of alcohol by a minor, and criminal mischief and vandalism in Ross Hall, cleared by summons arrest

Feb. 27—Public intoxication in Ross Hall, referred to Student Affairs