Opinion | Spring break arrives at just the perfect time

Spring Break, the “halftime” college students wait for to give their brains a break, is right around the corner.
“It’s totally a relief,” junior Arielle Hemrick said.
Hemrich said she plans to go home and study for the Dental Admission Test, so the week is not really a break for her. But she will still take some time to relax.
“I absolutely cannot wait for break,” junior Macie Dannenbrink said.
She plans to spend the break with family in Orlando.
Many college students spend their breaks in popular locations on the coast. The beaches will be full of college kids just acting their age.
The break is the time to cut back, let your hair down and have some fun.
Students can spend a week doing absolutely nothing.
“I plan to go home and sit on my toosh for a week straight,” junior Charlie Perrecone said.
Spring Break splits up the semester and makes the last few weeks of school fly by.
“It’s at the perfect time,” junior Joseph Ciancio said. “Pretty much the halfway part of the semester.”
Butler’s Spring Break occurs at the same time as many other college breaks across the nation.
Students definantly need Spring Break, so they can clear their minds and let some stress out of their systems.
Students can benefit from Spring Break by getting ahead on homework, enjoying themselves on vacation or spending quality time at home.
Students get a brain break, and then it is back to the reality of seeing how much information we can cram into our brains.