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Shaken, not disturbed

WRITTEN BY JACLYN MCCONNELL, PHOTOGRAPHER It’s a good thing James Bond is with the Butler University Marching Band this year. The band is rolling out a Bond-themed halftime show this academic year while battling through a number of troubles in order to have a successful show. Besides making an appearance in their show, the marching

Neighbors provide input

Traffic concerns are at the top of the list for some Butler-Tarkington residents when it comes to the construction of a possible parking facility. Butler University officials presented a proposal for the facility to the neighborhood association on Monday evening. Ben Hunter, chief of staff, and Rich Michal, executive director of facilities, introduced the preliminary

OPINION | Parking solutions should be instated here and now

Administrators must find a temporary way to ease the parking problem on campus. This parking issue especially affects those who live in the Apartment Village, University Terrace, or have to walk a great distance to and from classes. The lack of parking spaces close to the majority of the academic halls for those who own

Patients’ parking needs met

With a number of Butler University’s visitor parking lots under construction, Speech and Language Clinic patients were put in a bind last week. Construction outside Atherton Union left the patients without sports in their normal lot. The only visitor parking lots not under construction are located across from the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, across from

STAFF EDITORIAL | Before expansion, consider the impact

Approximately 1,100 first-year students poured onto Butler University’s campus Saturday to begin their studies. The record-breaking freshman class comes with plenty of potential, vibrancy and energy. Still, the ever-expanding enrollment could end up forcing administrators to cut corners in facilities, infrastructure and student life. Housing, parking and budget allocations have all caused strife on campus

OPINION | Higher prices now, bigger changes later

On July 24, Butler students received a brief email on the Butler Connection detailing an increased price of parking decals from $60 to $75. Although this larger price tag might leave a sour taste in students’ mouths, the extra money will go toward feasible, positive changes. The message alluded to “new parking-related software,” which left