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22 Spots. 2 Sides. 1 Dispute

Hayleigh Colombo | Editor in Chief | hcolombo@butler.edu Ryan Lovelace | Staff Writer | rlovelac@butler.edu A city board’s vote on Jan. 11 to expand Butler University’s parking plan effectively brought to a screeching halt a long-standing dispute between the university and the Phi Delta Theta Foundation. Since 2009, the two parties have clashed over who

Parking revenue brings in nearly $370,000

Butler University Police Department made about 90 percent of its more than $400,000 total income last year from parking revenues. Registration fees made up $241,555, $104,290 came from tickets and $23,635.92 came from parking meters, according to a 2010-11 budget. Police Chief Ben Hunter said BUPD couldn’t sustain itself on parking revenues alone, but it

Fresh take on old problems

As a much older BU alum, I subscribe to the Collegian for the latest happenings on campus. The parking problem story (Aug. 31) remains just that. In the past 50-plus years, Greek housing created parking lots, and new “lots” (library, next to Alpha Phi etc.) have resulted in additional spaces. Closing of the old mall

Future freshmen don’t need cars

Parking on university campuses can be a real pain. For the last several years I attended and worked at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, where once I looked nearly two hours for a spot. Texas Christian University, my undergraduate alma mater, was more like Butler University, and it presented a fair share of problems too. Butler

STAFF EDITORIAL | New campus parking safety

OUR POINT THIS WEEK: Parking arrangements are dangerous for students as drivers and pedestrians. VOTE: 24-0 New parking arrangements on Butler’s campus, made to accommodate the new freshmen class, are dangerous to both student drivers and pedestrians. On Sunset Avenue, parking spaces on both sides of the street make it dangerous for passing cars. It