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Committee to consider parking garage

Butler University’s Board of Trustees endorsed the recommendation of the trustee facilities committee to work with Keystone Group to develop a plan for a mixed-use parking garage on campus. Butler’s facilities committee will work with the Keystone Group to develop a facility that could add 300 beds and 1,000 parking spots to campus behind the

Increased parking permits pay for new software

Butler parking permits cost $15 more than last year because of a vote by Butler’s parking committee. The committee vote approved a $75 price tag that will remain frozen for two years. “If they’re going to raise prices, they should use the money towards helping to manage parking better,” said sophomore Katie Cessna, who brought

OPINION | Higher prices now, bigger changes later

On July 24, Butler students received a brief email on the Butler Connection detailing an increased price of parking decals from $60 to $75. Although this larger price tag might leave a sour taste in students’ mouths, the extra money will go toward feasible, positive changes. The message alluded to “new parking-related software,” which left

22 Spots. 2 Sides. 1 Dispute

Hayleigh Colombo | Editor in Chief | hcolombo@butler.edu Ryan Lovelace | Staff Writer | rlovelac@butler.edu A city board’s vote on Jan. 11 to expand Butler University’s parking plan effectively brought to a screeching halt a long-standing dispute between the university and the Phi Delta Theta Foundation. Since 2009, the two parties have clashed over who