LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Parking least of our concerns

As we head into week two of classes, Butler’s largest-ever freshman class is beginning to familiarize themselves with the campus and its workings.  Certainly more than a few of them will pick up the September 1st issue of the Collegian, open to the opinion section, and see that the most pressing issue for the Collegian is that of new University parking policies.

I’m a bit disappointed that the staff didn’t think larger.  This is why “The Butler Bubble” has a negative connotation and this is exactly the kind of thing Dr. Fong wrote about in an issue of the President’s Perspective last spring. I can think of a few matters of more significance than new parking rules:  the proposed Muslim center near Ground Zero, Israel-Palestine peace talks and the fatal crash involving Officer David Bisard and allegations of an IMPD cover-up.

This is college, the beginning of a new chapter in many freshmen’s lives and their first exposure to a bigger world.  Butler University is located in the nation’s 14th-largest city.  Surely there are more pressing issues on Sunset Avenue than where to park.  For the sake of over 1,000 first-year students, as well as the sake of the remaining 4,000-some students who are part of the Indianapolis community, please think about the world around us.

Katie Youngen



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