Fresh take on old problems

As a much older BU alum, I subscribe to the Collegian for the latest happenings on campus. The parking problem story (Aug. 31) remains just that.

In the past 50-plus years, Greek housing created parking lots, and new “lots” (library, next to Alpha Phi etc.) have resulted in additional spaces. Closing of the old mall (between Atherton and library) for “greenness” eliminated prime slots.

As a Greek alum who volunteers, especially at monthly night meetings, where do we park for a couple of hours?

While on the topic of cars, I am impressed that cars parked at the Danko residence have BU Dawg tags.

Definitely a positive image of new President [Jim] Danko versus 10 years of the [Bobby] Fong non-participation.

-Alice Appel, ‘61


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