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How are students feeling with the changes in campus food options this year?

How are students feeling with the changes in campus food options this year?

Opinion columnist Taylor Roberts explores student opinion on the variety — or more specifically, the lack thereof — of campus food offered to Butler students for the 2019-20 school year.

Bon Appetit offers six new on-campus dining options

With options like Atherton Marketplace, the Lacy Business Building Cafe, ResCo dining hall, the nutrition cafe at the HRC, and Tripp’s Corner Cafe at Apartment Village, changes have been made to campus dining options this semester due to Butler’s change in dining service providers from Aramark to Bon Appetit.

OPINION | Students should join feminist group celebrations of women

I’m Colleen Quilty, president of Demia, Butler University’s feminist and social justice organization. Tomorrow is the start of Women’s History Month, a whole 31 days dedicated to remembering and honoring women, their achievements and current issues they face. Demia is planning an eventful March culminating in a student production of Eve Ensler’s world-famous“Vagina Monologues” on

Student businesses bring condoms, soaps, music to campus

Expect your pockets to feel a little lighter, Butler. The Real Business Experience  projects have firmly established themselves on campus. RBE is a program for sophomore business students. Students form teams, think up a business idea and then attempt to market it to the campus community or wider, depending on the product. Businesses this year

C-Club needs to improve health standards since Butler enforces solicitation policy

Twenty-four is not the number of items you can pile on your sandwich at C-Club. It’s not the number of delicious beverages provided for your consumption, and it definitely isn’t the amount of toppings on a slice of Papa John’s pizza. Twenty-four is the number of things the Marion County Health Department found unsanitary or