C-Club changes appearance, menu over summer


After a summer of renovations, C-Club unveiled changes to both the infrastructure of the building and the food it serves.

Part of the change is due to the fact that Butler University entered into a contract with a local produce provider, Sally Click, dean of student services said. It is not in dining services’ policy to disclose the names of their vendors.

The new company  provides C-Club with a larger variety of grab-and-go items such as salads, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables.

The new food displays nutritional information directly on the packaging.

C-Club also added a larger variety of gluten-free food choices.

These additions to C-Club offer a wider variety of healthy options for students. The changes also affect those who work in C-Club.

Juan, an employee at C-Club for almost two years, said the addition of healthier food has “made me more aware of health benefits of other people and more aware of how to feed other people. It’s much better.”

This year the most significant changes were the updates to the sandwich station as well as the addition of the f’real milkshake machine.

Michelle Bryant-Jones, dining services director, said the new Sandwich Shack offers sandwiches similar to those at Panera Bread.

The milkshake  machine replaced the slushie machine that used to be in C-Club. Bryant-Jones said studies showed the milkshake machine would be more popular with students.

The machine serves basic flavors like chocolate and vanilla as well as peanut butter cup and mint chip. It also offers smoothies as a healthier option.

C-Club workers monitor what students buy each day.

“Any business is trying to keep up with what people want and it is no different here,” Click said.


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