C-Club loses business

One of Butler University’s dining options, Campus Club, is losing business, and students say they aren’t surprised.

C-Club, located in the basement of Atherton Union, has seen its business slow down early in the school year.

A possible reason for this  is the end of meal exchange, an option to use meal swipes instead of flex dollars when purchasing a meal.

Michelle Bryant-Jones, senior food service director, said that the lack of business is recognized but was expected.

“We removed the meal exchange but instead offered unlimited meals in the Atherton Marketplace and also gave students 400 flex dollars to spend at C-Club to make up for the prices,” Bryant-Jones said.

Freshman Matthew Richter said he does not like C-Club because now it is too expensive.

“I don’t see a reason to go to C-Club because we now have unlimited meals anyway,”  Richter said.

The prices have also been criticized because of the lack of food that C-Club has to offer.

“I like it because it’s convenient and fast, and the workers are friendly,” freshman Emma Doris said, “but it’s overpriced, and there needs to be more options.”

Upperclassmen who have been able to use C-Club with meal exchange in the past now miss that feature.

“I used to use meal exchange a lot, but now without it, I rarely go, especially with the expensive prices,” junior Terry Brennan said.

Bryant-Jones also said they will try to bring in more students by offering discounts on certain items, as well as bring in a sushi chef to prepare fresh sushi for students.

“We are hoping that students will use these new features at C-Club,’ Bryant-Jones said, “as an alternate dining option with a variety of different foods.”


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