OPINION | Students should join feminist group celebrations of women

I’m Colleen Quilty, president of Demia, Butler University’s feminist and social justice organization.

Tomorrow is the start of Women’s History Month, a whole 31 days dedicated to remembering and honoring women, their achievements and current issues they face.

Demia is planning an eventful March culminating in a student production of Eve Ensler’s world-famous“Vagina Monologues” on March 30 in the Reilly Room.

Women make up 60 percent of our campus, and March gives us the opportunity to honor the women we see every day.

Building a Butler community has been a priority for administration and was on the platform of many Student Government Association presidential candidates.

Relationships between students, staff and faculty are key in building the community that we want here at Butler. We’ve decided to team up with the Collegian to give readers a peek into the lives of three female staff members in the Butler community.

After your daily two cups of coffee, a meal swipe and C-club meal exchange, how well do you know the women and men who are swiping your card or flipping your omelet?

Every day, I order my tall coffee from a smiling, patient woman  who wishes me a good day. That is where the conversation ended, but after a while it wasn’t enough.

I started wondering about her story and her life outside of my morning ritual. I couldn’t get my mind off the woman behind the Starbucks counter.

So a few weeks ago, I approached Editor-in-Chief Hayleigh Colombo with an idea for a new feature: “The Worker Spotlight.” I knew the thoughtful woman in Starbucks would be the perfect start to a series in which The Collegian shines a light on the lives of female staff members in the Butler community.

Tune in to the next two issues of The Collegian for a new profile each week.


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