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Imposter puzzles police

The Butler University Police Department continues to search for the man who impersonated an undercover policeman between Jordan Hall and the Health and Sciences Building. On Sept. 11, at approximately 10 p.m., a plain-clothed man approached a female student and asked the student to perform a breathalyzer test. The female student did not alert Butler

New faces among administration

The last year has brought new faces and new roles to top Butler positions Changes in Butler University’s administrative roles have been on the rise in the last year. With new positions coming into existence and other positions opening following retirements, at least five new administrative positions have been filled since President Jim Danko’s inauguration

Student shot with pellet gun at AV

Published Sept. 18, 2012 A student shot another student in the head and shoulder with a pellet gun at Apartment Village on Sept. 11. Ben Hunter, chief of staff and executive director of public safety, refused to release the full incident report. The Collegian was granted access to a redacted version of the report. Around

Suspect name not released in incident

Published Sept. 18, 2012 Butler University Police Department refused to release the full incident report of a pellet gun shooting that occurred Sept. 11 at Apartment Village. FERPA Officials initially cited the Family Education and Privacy Rights Act as the reason the report could not be released. The federal law, known as FERPA, is overseen

Demerits dished out for underage drinking

A new sanctioning guideline for conduct violations has the power to prohibit students from participating in some campus activities. Students who are cited for alcohol-related violations could potentially be prohibited from leadership positions on campus as well as from formal recruitment for sororities and fraternities. “We didn’t think that the old policy was tough enough,”

Increased parking permits pay for new software

Butler parking permits cost $15 more than last year because of a vote by Butler’s parking committee. The committee vote approved a $75 price tag that will remain frozen for two years. “If they’re going to raise prices, they should use the money towards helping to manage parking better,” said sophomore Katie Cessna, who brought

OPINION | Bike owners, be proactive to prevent theft

In the past year, Butler University has suffered a series of bicycle thefts. Students, faculty and staff reported nine stolen bikes in the past three months. The Butler University Police Department can do very little to prevent future thefts, so the responsibility falls on the bike owners. The worst possible response to crime involves blaming

Sexual misconduct policies updated in student handbook

Sexual misconduct incidents now must be investigated with or without the involvement of a victim, per new policy changes at a national and university level. The 2012-13 edition of the Butler University student handbook contains updates due to new obligations from the U.S. Department of Education released in April. The harassment and sexual misconduct parts