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Letter to my perpetrator: I still don’t even know your last name

Letter to my perpetrator: I still don’t even know your last name

As part of our “Impact of 98 Seconds” series, the Butler Collegian is publishing a collection of letters from survivors of sexual assault to their perpetrator. Our hope is to provide survivors with a voice, even if it is anonymous.

Sentimental seniorisms

TAYLOR JADE POWELL | DIGITAL MANAGING EDITOR | Four years ago, I sat at a computer writing a final column for my high school newspaper. As the editor-in-chief, it was customary for me to bid my farewells and leave the staff and readers with any wisdom (I thought) I had to give. It started as

South Africa: An experience abroad

MARIA RAPISARDA | CONTRIBUTING COLUMNIST When you talk to most college graduates about their study abroad experience they’ll tell you one of three things: “Oh, I didn’t have time for that,” “Yeah, I went to Australia!” or “Europe was amazing.” A study abroad experience is supposed to open you up to new ideas and cultures

Black voices, black Pride: the introduction

CAMERON ALFORD | CONTRIBUTING COLUMNIST Black students hold a certain level of significance to being Black at Butler, which creates a natural stigma about our place on campus. You cannot legitimately move forward if you do not know your history. Black students fall victim to many false stereotypes, categorizations, a lack of cultural awareness and

Racism takes a toll

Dr. Terri Jett | | Guest Column When I first started teaching here at Butler University, I brought my children to campus so they could see my new office in Jordan Hall.  When we entered the building, my son, who was seven years old at the time, said to me, “Wow, you work in