Clothes in the throes of autumn



As temperatures become cooler and tans begin to fade, students are forced to put away their flip-flops and shorts, dig through their closets,and find something more suitable to wear in the Indiana weather.

In terms of fashion, transitioning from season to season may not always be easy.

Students may stare into their closets and drawers for minutes before asking themselves the infamous question: “What should I wear?”

Junior Kelsey Ralph is here to help.

Ralph writes and reports on Butler fashion trends for

The site, which has students from around the world contribute to it, is a hybrid between a magazine and a blog, Ralph said. Many colleges have their own chapters, but this year is Butler’s first of having the website on campus because Ralph is the first student to contribute from Butler.

For the fall, Ralph has quite a few fashion do’s and don’ts to guide students during the fall season.

“What I’m really excited for people to try this fall are the jeans with the knee patches on them,” Ralph said. “I think those are really cool.”

Her fashion recommendations go past tops and bottoms.

“I also think everyone should have a pair of Doc Martens,” Ralph said. “I know a lot of people don’t like (the shoes), but I have a pair, and I literally wear them with absolutely everything. I get a lot of use out of mine.”

Other essentials Ralph suggested are leather or pleather mini skirts, two-ones bomber jackets and stacking bracelets on wrists.

For the guys, Ralph likes a trendy shoe, one that seems to be a cross between Sperry’s and Vans. Shoes likes these can be found at Aldo, Nordstrom or Urban Outfitters, she said.

“I like how the trend for darker jeans is coming back for guys too,” Ralph said. She said rolling up pants legs also looks nice.

Though Ralph has some tips on what to wear, she also has opinions on what students should not wear.

“I think it’s pretty safe to say that neons are probably…out of season now,” Ralph said. “My biggest pet peeve is when girls wear leggings in place of pants. Leggings are acceptable in rare occasions—under big sweaters or to work out in—but never in place of pants.”

Ralph is not the only student on campus with specific plans for fall fashion.

Sophomore Taylor Hendrix said  fall fashion, to her, means boots, plaids and an assortment of jackets.

“I’ve seen a lot more cowboy boots showing up, and I’ve seen more plaid,” Hendrix said. “Other than those, I haven’t seen much more different from before.”

Sophomore Anyea Taylor said she uses the cold weather to pair outfits with scarves.

“I have an obsession with scarves, and I’m also looking forward to wearing my cardigans and sweaters,” Taylor said. “I’m really big on beanies and tall leather riding boots with my leggings.”

Senior Marwa Aly and sophomore Hannah Martin also share a love for scarves.

For Aly, fall is her favorite season for fashion, she said.

“I think you have to go more with earthy tones, like oranges and browns,” Aly said, “compared to summer, which is more bright and floral.”

Martin said she gets her influences from around the world.

“I have a lot of cousins who are from Europe, so they’re always wearing scarves. I kind of copy them sometimes,” she said.

Martin also likes layering different textures and favors her brown moccasins, which she said can pair with anything.

Even the Butler professors have a fall fashion plan.

Duane Leatherman, associate professor in the mathematics and actuarial department, described his style as casual.

He supports the school by incorporating Butler sweatshirts and hats into his wardrobe and shows students that he is a part of the class and a part of the community.

“They’re casual, I’m casual,” he said. “No ties, no coats.”

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