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BUPD hears concerns at SGA senate meeting

BUPD hears concerns at SGA senate meeting

SGA Senate, BUPD’s Chief of Public Safety John Conley and other BUPD officers met on the third floor of Atherton Union to discuss the questions and concerns of Butler students regarding safety and BUPD on campus.

Thefts and other crime on the rise

NATALIE SMITH STAFF REPORTER   Butler University senior Alix McLaughlin was outside with her friends at her off-campus house, waiting for pizza to arrive at 1 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 6. She looked in her front window and was shocked to see a man she did not know wearing gloves and crouching in her house.

OPINION | Students can prevent car break-ins

The nine recent reports of vehicle break-ins on campus are an indication that in mere minutes, our most valued possessions can be stolen and never returned to us. Let’s face it. College kids live on a budget. We cannot afford to replace our possessions just because someone decided to break into our cars and take