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Dear thought police, you do not get to censor me: sorry not sorry

Political correctness is an interesting debate that has only recently been brought to the foreground of national conversation. The buzz surrounding the topic hits both sides of the political spectrum and everyone in between. This week, two of our newest columnists have decided to defend their opinions on the issue. Read the other side here.

Did you know?: Five fun facts about Butler University

Photo courtesy of Richie Diesterheft on Flickr. KATHLEEN BERRY | OPINION COLUMNIST | keberry@butler.edu Butler University is both school and home to its students, but how much do you really know about good ol’ BU? Here are five fun facts that might just blow your mind. One Dawg, Two Dawg. Red Dawg, Blue Dawg. According

Nine or 19? Being a college kid is being a kid all over again

KATHLEEN BERRY | OPINION COLUMNIST | keberry@butler.edu Sitting cafeteria-style during meals, eating ice cream on the daily, sleeping in bunk beds, stopping to pet every dog you see and using a bike as your primary mode of transportation may all seem like activities lost to the same years spent on a set of monkey bars.

First year frenzy: Top 5 most overwhelming college experiences

KATHLEEN BERRY | OPINION COLUMNIST | keberry@butler.edu For everything liberating about arriving on a college campus to the average first-year student, especially those living out of earshot of the infamous “my house, my rules,” there are just as many instances in which fun can turn into frustration. The following is a compilation of those latter